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Documentation (check one of the following)*: • Allowance of a medical device in the testing room. • Wheelchair-accessible facilities. • Frequent breaks (e.g., for those with hypoglycemia or diabetes). • Use of a magnifying glass, color overlays, or a straightedge (e.g., for those with a visual impairment). • Use of a pen for a written assignment (e.g., for those with a motor impairment). • Written copy of the oral directions (e.g., for those with a hearing impairment).
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I hereby agree to abide by the conditions set forth on the current program website, including the Rules of Test Participation, and I certify that I am the person whose name and address appear on this form. I have completed my test registration and submitted correct payment. I am submitting, together with this completed Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form for Paper-Based Testing, any required documentation as noted on the website. I understand that the information I provide, including any supporting documentation, may be shared with the CTC in order to process my request. I understand that the deadline for submission of these materials is the regular registration deadline and that, because of space, staff, and time constraints, there can be no assurance that requests received after this deadline can be accommodated. I understand and agree that the alternative testing arrangements I have requested herein will be given due consideration. If, and to the extent that, any such request is granted, I understand that I will be taking the test under alternative conditions.

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