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Alternative testing arrangements may only be applied to unscheduled test registrations.

Prior to submitting this form: Register for the test(s) for which you are requesting accommodations. Do not schedule your appointment. If you did schedule a test date, please cancel your appointment before completing and submitting this form.

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Documentation (check one of the following)*: • Allowance of a medical device in the testing room. • Use of a trackball mouse. • Adjustable table.
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I hereby agree to abide by the conditions set forth on the current program website, including the Rules of Test Participation, and I certify that I am the person whose name and address appear on this form. I have completed my test registration and submitted correct payment. I am submitting, together with this completed Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form for Computer-Based Testing, any required documentation as noted on the website. I understand that the information I provide, including any supporting documentation, may be shared with the CTC in order to process my request. Because of space, staff, and time constraints, I may not be able to schedule a test appointment with accommodations in my preferred date range. I understand and agree that the alternative testing arrangements I have requested herein will be given due consideration. If, and to the extent that, any such request is granted, I understand that I will be taking the test under alternative conditions.

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